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Monday, December 11, 2023

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‘Generations’ actor Andile Nebulane accused of ‘abandoning his children’

Andile Nebulane. Picture: Instagram

Andile Nebulane. Picture: Instagram

Published May 3, 2023


The Twitter streets were on fire after former “Generations” actor Andile Nebulane was blasted.

His baby mama, who goes by the name Amanda Waller (@LilithaB_) on Twitter, publicly accused Nebulane of being a “deadbeat” who “abandons his children”.

“Please stay away from this man. His name is Andile Nebulane, better known as Dali from ‘Generations’. He’s a deadbeat that sleeps around, impregnates women and then abandons his children,” she wrote.

Adding that “deadbeats must be named and shamed”.

The thread continued to defame Nebulane, who also played the role of Regent King Ntuka in “Blood Psalms”, implying that he’s an alcoholic who does not support his children financially.

“He masquerades as a present father yet he’ll disappear for weeks, leaving his children alone while on drinking sprees. Some of his kids don’t even know what R2 from him looks like ke phof,” Waller said.

She also tagged “Generations” producer Mfundi Vundla in the thread to ask if he was “happy with your employee being an absent father?”

Upon seeing the tweet, tweeps dragged Waller for airing her dirty laundry out on the streets.

@DR_CEO_ asked: “Strangely enough, you didn’t warn anyone when you slept with him and now you are here looking for sympathy. Did he ask you to be pregnant? Aren’t you old enough to know that sex and pregnancy are 2 separate contracts?"

@tira_tm said: “Men don’t want kids, how many times must we tell you? Aniva. Enjoy the relationship, if it ends it ends, don’t make a whole human being because you are in love.”

@Ed_UberDriver said: “This is what i dislike. We were not there when the man was given marago Ka nama, now we must get involved??? Rest! 🙄”

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, Nebulane posted a day ago.

He captioned the picture: “Traveler …”