Gerry Elsdon. Picture: Instagram
Gerry Elsdon. Picture: Instagram

Gerry Elsdon slammed for homophobic comments on Phat Joe's new show 'Cheeky Palate'

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Oct 12, 2020

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TV personality and pastor Gerry Elsdon has landed in hot water for making homophobic comments on Phat Joe’s new show “Cheeky Palate“.

In the premiere episode of “Cheeky Palate”, Phat Joe tackled spirituality and his guests included Elsdon, singer Zwai Bala, traditional healer Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi, businesswoman Nobuntu Webster and motivational speaker Joshua Maponga.

Not wasting anytime, Phat Joe kicked off the conversation by about Maponga being taken to the Human Rights Commision and appearing in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court for homophobic hate speech.

The court case was initiated by University of Limpopo lecturer Zolani Simayi over a video that circulating on Whatsapp in which Maponga allegedly refers to gay people as animals in a sermon.

Talking about what happened, Maponga tried to explain his stance on homosexuality.

“I don’t have problem with same-sex marriage, I have problem with homosexuality (that) authenticates itself using biblical text,” he said.

He said people should take the Bible to court if they believe it is in conflict with the Constitution instead of attacking him for using the scripture.

Ndlanzi asked whether it’s God that believes same-sex marriage is a sin or if it’s the Bible or the interpretation of the Bible that says this.

Elsdon then jumped in, saying: “It is in the Bible. The word of God is very specific … The bottom line is the word of God is very clear that homosexuality is a sin.

“Having said that, the first command is to love … And in that it vein it wouldn’t matter who you are, homosexual or not, there is always place for you at the cross. ”

Many LGBQTI+ theologians have argued against these types of statements, stating that the word homosexual (as we understand it) doesn’t appear in the Bible.

They point out that the word from Greek and Hebrew text which was translated as "homosexual“ actually means paedophile, or more specifically, an older man who sleeps with a young boy.

Popular TikToker Tim Beeckman Davis explains this in the video below, adding that the sexual sin in question had to do with an abuse of power dynamics.

Referencing Sodom and Gomorrah, he says that specific text wasn’t about people being gay but about gang rape.

He adds that the word homosexual was introduced by a conservative American company who asked the German translators to put it in.


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Tweeps were outraged at Elson’s comments, with many members of the LGBTQI+ community and allies slamming her for her homophobic remarks.

“They are all homophobes breaking bread on a national platform!!

“@DStvCare why on earth would you give these people a platform to spew this garbage?” commented @lunga5zn.

“Why does the community always have to be subjected to such violence, all the time? like … make me understand. on NATIONAL TV on top of that,” said popular DJ Lelo Whatsgood.

“The Bible also has a lot to say about how women and children should be treated. (It) has a few instances of condoning slavery.

“I'm sure she wouldn't want to be held to those teachings, commented @misaNarrates.

“It’s so disappointing to read all these tweets about Gerry Rantseli.

“I have met her and am friends with her daughter (one of the most kindest people I know in JHB).

“Using the Bible to justify harmful homophobic views is the lowest of the low. Especial when you black,” said local entertainment commenter Phil Mphela.

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