Buhle Mkhize. Picture: Twitter

“Dear Nomachule – you is a liar, you is a deceiver. Me is the one who changed Mpandlomz' style, I have the list of our fashion notes.”

While some of you were sleeping, the rest of Mzansi was on a "night vigil" waiting for Minister of Finance Melusi Gigaba’s ex side chick, Buhle Mkhize, to hit back at his wife, Norma Gigaba, and boy did she deliver.

Mkhize, a US based socialite, started trending after she opened a new Twitter account and started dishing out some saucy details on her alleged affair with the Minister. In less than 24 hours Mkhize had attracted more than 14K followers.

But why now? It all started on the weekend when Mrs Gigabyte, as she is popularly known, agreed to an eNCA interview with Ayanda-Allie Paine and spoke about money, love and betrayal, which of course included the alleged Minister’s affairs with Mkhize.

Then, all hell broke loose.

"Let's please talk and smile as widely as you did whiles talking to Ayanda on Sunday.I don't like how you are making the nation doubt there's tagging you and even giving you nicknames and you respond by embarrassing me with a block in front of the nation😔😪," tweeted Buhle.

"Your need for the spotlight is damaging you, NOT me. WHY couldn't you just say 'It's the past, I'm focusing on Mpandlomz and our life?"

"I take that back, Mpandlomz was my nickname. Don't disrespect me by using it. Thanks ....babe"

"Hold on I have to watch again🙄😭. I ONLY speak on facts. NOTHING I've ever told the world has ever been a lie and I keep proof,"( sic)

'Buhle' drops Gigabytes' files

Mkhize claims Mrs G provoked her through some of her previous remarks, especially by calling her a “prostitute”, despite Mkhize’s alleged numerous apologies, privately and publicly.