Gigi Lamanye. Picture: Instagram

Following criticism for posting an unflattering picture on Twitter, Gigi Lamayne is now looking for a stylist and tweeples are flocking at the opportunity.

The '1-Bar' rapper apparently took the harsh criticism she received to heart after she was dragged for posting an unflattering picture on Twitter, and has since taken to social media to inform fans — and  trolls — that she is looking for a stylist. 

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In the tweet, she asked for stylists to email their portfolios to her after which they would pick a top 5. The top 5 would then each style her for a day and then tweeples would vote for their favourite outfit and whoever wins would join her team. 

Lamayne told TsishaLIVE she had already received more than a thousand entries for the opportunity to become her stylist. 

"I've had stylists on call for projects but never for the brand of Gigi Lamayne. So, because it would be for projects, sometimes it wouldn't totally reflect who I am. Twitter was right. Sometimes I ain't as comfortable in some looks like some of the revealing clothes and stuff just don't work, it isn't who I am. So I am looking for fresh ideas that will compliment my brand."

This article has been updated to the correct spelling of Gigi Lamayne.