Gloria Bosman joins Samro board of directors

Gloria Bosman. Picture: File

Gloria Bosman. Picture: File

Published Feb 3, 2023


Two-time South African Music Awards winner Gloria Bosman is the newest member to join the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (Samro) board of directors.

Samro recently announced the appointment shortly after the news that Annabell Lebethe was appointed the new CEO. The organisation wants to reiterate the agenda of greater female inclusion.

The statement released said: “Samro is pleased to announce the appointment of another female member to its board of directors, as it continues to strive for greater female inclusion – not only within the organisation itself, but across the entire music industry.”

Bosman is a jazz, African, rock and gospel vocalist and also an accomplished producer, composer, vocal and presenter.

To date, she has six albums to her credit under her own name as a solo artist and has performed across the globe in countries such as the UK, France, Finland, Australia, Nigeria, Namibia and Zimbabwe, as well as completing a three-country tour in South America.

Samro chairperson Nicholas Maweni said Bosman was voted in to make key decisions.

“Multiple-award winner and virtuoso in music Gloria Bosman was voted in by members to help make key decisions and steer important initiatives on behalf of the organisation.

“The executive management of Samro is pleased that it has made exemplary progress appointing women in the organisation’s leadership, with about 65% of all employees at Samro and 71% of senior management being women.

“Based on Samro’s memorandum of incorporation, members get an annual opportunity to rotate a third of the board by voting in new composers and publishers as directors who oversee the activities of management, with a particular focus on governance and strategy.”