Zaki Ibrahim.

The annual Design Indaba expo and conference begins in the Mother City today and runs until March 1. Traditionally a gathering of minds who are passionate about design, the Indaba has, over the years, become a platform for all kinds of creativity.

And you can’t talk about creativity and leave out music.

This year, the Design Indaba Music Circuit features eight venues hosting no fewer than 32 artists over three days.

The most anticipated gig in the mostly electronic music-tinged line-ups is without a doubt, the live jazz evening at The Mahogany Room on Buitenkant.

This event will feature South African jazz luminary Hugh Masekela and US jazz musician Larry Willis.

The two long-time friends will put on this one-night performance on Friday for only 50 people.

There is also a lounge session at The Waiting Room on Long Street on the same night. Here you can hear DJs Pieter-Jan Pieters, Floyd Lavine, Anthea Scholtz, Hyphen and others.

Over on the other side of the CBD, make your way down to The Assembly on Harrington Street. DJs and musicians who will get a chance to move the crowd include European music producer and DJ 10SUI.

The stage will also belong to South African artists, Spoek Mathambo, Haezer and Niskerone as well as the eccentric Gazelle.

From February 27, on the grass in front of the Cape Town International Convention Centre, there will be a couple of live music gigs tailor-made for ticket-carrying Design Indaba conference attendees.

Titled Design Indabar, these events aim to expose people to a mobile artwork that doubles as a bar as well as an exhibition.

If you are one of the ticket-holders, you will get to see The Plastics, Lady M, Mix n Blend and more.

Aces ’n Spades on Hout Street won’t discriminate between the public and conference attendees. This free gig features Beast, Taxi Violence and The Dollfins.

Jade Champagne Bar And Lounge on Main Road also has a free event with DJs.

Possibly the most exciting live music night on the circuit takes place on two stages at Zula Bar. It features Zaki Ibrahim and Mr Sakitumi, The Brother Moves On, Jam Jarr, Joshua Grierson as well as a few DJs.

As a showcase of creativity, the Music Circuit has some predictable inclusions, but the Indaba does cater to more than just Capetonians and we’ll have to see if any of the artists are inspired by the indaba to take their live performances a notch higher.

• The Design Indaba Music Circuit takes place from February 27 to March 1 at different venues. Ticket prices vary. Visit for times and venues.