Above Bonang and AKA; above left, Mbali and Black Coffee; left, Amanda du Pont and Shaun Rodriques; above, DJ Zinhle and Brendon Naidoo; and below, Nandi and Zakes
It is rumoured that DJ Black Coffee and actress Mbali 'Enhle' Mlotshwa will walk the aisle this coming Sunday (January 8). Guests attending the white wedding of the celebrity power couple say that the ceremony is being held at Sun City on Sunday morning.
"It's a day wedding and the first part of the wedding is in the amphitheatre. There is a private entrance that guests will be using," said one of the sources said.
Their power couple status means that the security for the wedding is expected to be very tight, as guests will need to provide proof of invite and there is speculation that mobile phones may be banned.
Actress Sophie Ndaba, who owns a wedding company, is allegedly tasked with planning the event, while designer Gert-Johan Coetzee, has been enlisted for his services to create a wedding dress for Enhle.
An article on Timeslive claims that DJ Fresh confirmed that he has received an invite and would be attending sometime last year.
The couple got engaged in back in 2010 and have two children (boys) together.
Known to be big on keeping their personal lives private, both have been unavailable for comment on the matter.
Mbali posted a very sweet video on Instagram, with a heartfelt caption explaining the lessons she learned in 2016 and what she is taking into 2017.

Life teaches you to listen, if you really take note. There are always people who will try take the messages from you by steering you in the wrong direction through their unresolved anger and pain. All my life Iv had to fight for what's rightfully mine , what God bestowed unto me. 2016 taught me to be gracious in life's war. To understand that people have their own fights that at times it may spill onto you. Realize that and recognize by verbally saying "okay" then completing the sentence inwardly "it is not my fight". The constant pursuit to peace has on my face placed a smile. With that I only accept in my space positivity, as my other half would say " Positive vibes" . 2017 brings the unknown and with the shield of the strongest material known to human kind I dive into the new lessons with no fear. Thank you God for my Lessons and the people u blessed me with to build me. HAPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII🌺🌺 #simplylive #simplylove #simplyenhle🎓🌺🍭 TO LOVE 🥛🍯🍺

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Whether the wedding rumours are true or not, we wish the power couple nothing but happiness and love.