Ayanda Borotho. Picture: Supplied
Ayanda Borotho. Picture: Supplied

'Isibaya' actress Ayanda Borotho nominated for MIPAD award

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published May 13, 2020

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An actress, best-selling author, philanthropist as well as social activist, Ayanda Borotho has been nominated for this year’s United Nations Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD), Under 40, Global 100 awards.

MIPAD identifies persons of African descent, who have demonstrated exceptional achievements and have contributed significantly to globally relevant causes, in public and private sectors from all over the world. It creates a progressive network of relevant role players to join together in the spirit of recognition, justice, and development of Africa.

Best known for her role as Phumelele on "Isibaya", the author of "Unbecoming to Become" has been acknowledged for her work with NPC Phatha Africa, who work closely with youth, providing mentorship and support. Amid the current Covid-19 lockdown, the organisation has also been assisting many families with food parcels. 

Ayanda Borotho has been nominated for this year’s United Nations Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD), Under 40, Global 100 honours. Picture: Supplied

Of the nomination, Borotho said: “It feels humbling. I don’t think one goes about with what they do from a place of passion and compassion looking for recognition. I think what it has certainly done for me is cement the ideology of ‘a new normal' that everyone keeps talking about at this time.

"The nomination came before any of the work I do with Phatha Afrika was publicised. It is also a nomination for influence in the media space. I believe my social engagement about gender inequality and restoring the integrity and power of women  has been at the centre of this.”

She continued: “My book, 'Unbecoming To Become', which is also in itself a tool that advocates on these issues by dismantling patriarchy through my own journey. We often talk about patriarchy as if it’s a mysterious giant but seldom unpack how it shows up in our everyday life. 

"The response to the social conversations and engagements and how I have used my media influence and voice has been at the centre of the nomination.”

On assisting the needy through the organisation, Borotho explained: “We have been looking to prioritize access to food for those most vulnerable in the community. Mainly our foreign brothers and sisters, who don’t have family and little support in a foreign country. 

"At the end of the day, ubuntu must surpass all borders. Hunger has no colour, race or tribe. We also have focused on child headed homes, the old and sick , where they can be bullied or intimidated at a time like this when people are scrambling for food.” 

As for how she is juggling so many hats while acting, she revealed: ‘It's not easy. I’m not just an actress. I’m also a media entrepreneur, mom and wife. 

"That’s all I can say, it’s not easy. I’m learning a lot about prioritising, and balancing. 

"I have a few projects in the pipeline through Avad Media, my media company with partners Nobuntu Webster. We are heavily focused on African content for our children, and adults, both production and publishing. I’ve also started penning my second book but it will be a while before the release!”

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