Jessica Nkosi. Photo: Instagram/@JessicaNkosi
Despite her baby bump reveal on the cover of True Love magazine in June, and her baby daddy, Ntokozo Dlamini's, expressing his excitement about the anticipated arrival of their baby girl in an interview with Drum magazine, Mzansi still has questions about the paternity player in Jessica Nkosi's pregnancy.

Nkosi, who has clearly had her fill of rumours, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a snap of her and her Uzalo actor boyfriend, to settle any confusion people may have about who fathered her unborn child, alongside the caption:  "PARENTS.... And no one must ask me who the father of my child is again guys please...this is to be the first and last time you will see him la....#ToBeDeletedInAFew #AbazalibaTwinkleStar"

Keeping true to her promise, the image has since been deleted. (Thank the technology kings for screengrabs)

However, before Nkosi hit the delete button, those who commented in the post, were quick to remind Jessica that she owes no one an explanation about her private life.