J'Something and his wife Cordelia Godi. Picture: Instagram
Micasa’s front man J’Something shares the most heartfelt message on Instagram that got fans wishing they were also in love.

Posting a breathing photograph, J’ Something declared his love and appreciation for his wife Cordelia Godi, he wrote:

“Who would've thought. Who would've thought that I would find someone so breathtaking. Someone so captivating. Someone so real and someone so true. Someone so supportive and someone so understanding. I never had any projections for my life in what type woman I wanted to end up with. But I'm glad that our paths collided. Im glad I have you. I promise to hold you in the palm of my hand and to shelter you and to guard you because you are my treasure. I will carry on trying to take over the world, cause with you in my corner I am unstoppable.” (sic)

The normally very private singer now shares the couple's photos on social media.
J 'Something and his wife surely have a lot of sweet moments together.