K Naomi. Picture: Instagram

Media personality K Naomi’s latest comment ruffled tweeps’ feathers on Wednesday when she posted “I hate bipolar people…You can’t always switch up, choose your vibes and be about them”. 

While some including legendary actress Florence Masebe expressed their disappointment at the model’s statement, others took it upon themselves to school the model about the seriousness of mental illness.

Picture: Twitter Screenshot

“Bipolar is not a choice, it's manic depression. Go educate yourself first about mental health conditions before you tweet, commented @KheswaLamla.

 Another Twitter user @vhugalist commented “@FloMasebe @Thando_Thabethe such hurting statement by @KNaomi_N . How on earth can you do that. I'm a mother and you are being insensitive. Seek God that's my appeal as the pain you are inflicting to us by those words in such a public domain.”

To which Masebe responded:”I'm speechless. Sorry @vhugalisto. Those who know the journey understand the seriousness of the illness.”

“This is a bipolar slur. You are perpetuating a false stereotype about bipolar disorder, added, @sindivanzyl.

The scolding continued, with K Naomi being labelled “ignorant”, and others couldn’t resist dragging her former lover DJ Shimza into the mix. “K Naomi must really be called out for that Bipolar tweet. Such ignorance. Wow…,” commented @MissTinah_M.