K Naomi. Picture: Instagram

Media personality K Naomi has issued an apology following the backlash of her controversial comment on "bipolar people". 

K Naomi had tweeps up in arms on Wednesday after she posted "I hate bipolar people…You can’t always switch up, choose your vibes and be about them."

Following this, the TV presenter was slammed for her comment. Celebrities such as Lalla Hirayama and fans have taken the opportunity to educating her about the illness.

This resulted in K Naomi landing on the top of the Twitter trends list and she subsequently deleted the post. 

Now, the Global Citizen advocate has posted an apology saying: "Apologies to everyone about my previous post. My intention wasn’t to offend anyone...
I should have used different wording. I was just trying to say that I’m tired of people who always switch up. It’s either we vibe or we don’t...Apologies."

Responding to the post, one fan commented: "Mental illness is a serious thing. Words like Bipolar can't be thrown around irresponsibly nje just because one is frustrated."

K Naomi replied by saying that she is aware of her wrongdoing having learned her lesson and will think before she tweets. 

She ended the series of tweets by saying that she knows she offended a lot of people, and she shouldn't use her anger as an excuse for an ignorant tweet.