Kamo Mphela. Picture: Instagram
Kamo Mphela. Picture: Instagram

Kamo Mphela being compared to Lebo Mathosa causes outrage

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Apr 14, 2021

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Tweeps were left outraged after a Twitter user compared amapiano star Kamo Mphela to Lebo Mathosa.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @sammoyo_ decided to be controversial but brave posting that theAmanikiniki” star was the new Lebo Mathosa.

She said: “I’m calling it. Kamo Mphela is the new age Lebo Mathosa.”

Twitter users didn’t hold back on pointing out this wasn’t a fair statement.

Well-known DJ and television director Olwee weighed in and said:

“No. Kamo is Kamo. Lebo is Lebo. The things that made us love Lebo aren’t the things that made Kamo. Lebo was daring. You didn’t know what she’d say in an interview. Her lyrics could be provocative or street or love. You just had to be there. Kamo is great in her own lane.“

Other tweeps came in with similar sentiments and shared them on the micro-blogging website.

“I feel like yoll give Kamo Mphela way too much credit now, I still believe her dancing still outweighs her music, if it wasn't for her dance moves she wouldn't be this far ... yoll are really disrespecting Lebo Mathosa,” said @FanFan_Mkhize.

“Can we not compare Kamo Mphela to anyone, she’s creating a legacy of her own. She’s so talented,” commented @MissPru_Dj.

“Lebo was a performer and a singer. An all round entertainer! Pls,” @Nique_Sithole

“A whole Lebo Mathosa? Please,” said @MissKayDee_.

Earlier this year the amapiano vocalist responded to those who accused her of over-editing her pictures.

Mphela was attacked by social media users after she posted a picture of herself which many described as not being anything like what the rising star actually looks like.

It all started when the 20-year-old dancer and dancer posted a selfie. The picture left social media users confused, with many accusing the star of “over-editing” her face to the point where she looks different in each shot of herself.

Some even asked if she has multiple faces and which was one the real her.

She responded with another selfie and a strongly-worded caption. The star said she will still be winning the game no matter how many tweeps try to drag her down.

“Drag me, slingshot me, cleanse your hearts because I'm still about to f*** all up,” she wrote.

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