Katlego Maboe’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Monique Muller still throwing shade

Katlego Maboe and Monique Muller. Picture: Instagram

Katlego Maboe and Monique Muller. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 5, 2023


Katlego Maboe recently returned to making headlines for scandalous reasons, after his ex-girlfriend Monique Muller took to her Instagram Stories and called Maboe out for allegedly refusing to pay school fees.

In a series of IG Stories, she accused the TV host of earning much more than she does, and yet refusing to do his part in raising their son as far as finances go.

Muller accused Maboe of pleading poverty “when it comes to taking care of their kids”.

The ‘Deal or No Deal’ host has been mum on the matter, refusing to comment on the accusations, arguing that he has to protect his child and would not be dragged into the social media debate.

Now, one would think the drama between the two would have died down, but it seems not to be the case, as in a recent Q&A with her followers, Muller seemingly threw shade at those in Maboe’s corner.

On her Instagram stories Muller posted a response which many are interpreting as criticism of Maboe’s supporters.

“A woman got hit in the face with a brick, but you are more upset about baby mama drama. I forgot to mention sports news anchors, actors. Pull through, use your voice where it matters,” wrote Muller.

“Yes, I am calling you out. Come be supportive and motivational for Nikita too.”

She may have not mentioned any names but social media users played detective and have started to insinuate that Muller was throwing shade at sports broadcaster Robert Marawa, who encouraged Maboe to “keep flying and avoid looking left, right and backwards”.

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