Kefilwe Mabote. Picture: Instagram
Kefilwe Mabote. Picture: Instagram

Kefilwe Mabote also takes a jab at Jackie Phamotse's 'snakes' & 'witchcraft' claims

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Nov 12, 2020

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Luxury social media influencer Kefilwe Mabote has weighed in on Jackie Phamotse’s claims that some South African celebrities dabble in witchcraft.

The controversial author shared an IGTV Live video where she tackled dark matters regarding some of Mzansi's faves.

She accused some people in the entertainment industry of using “snakes” and “witchcraft” to get ahead.

“I'm not saying all rich people live like this, no.

“I'm saying there's a small portion of people who live like this consistently. They will make you believe they've got gigs, they've got endorsements.

“They will make you believe they are selling these products that are giving them millions.

“But behind that facade, there are four or five men who are funding this. They are consistently going to sangomas, they are consistently changing friends because the more the friends know, the trickier it becomes,” Jackie told her followers.

One public figure who has had her lifestyle questioned recently, weighed in on the salacious claims.

Proving she has a funny bone, Kefilwe posted a picture of herself in a private jet dressed in designer clothes followed by two videos of herself with snakes.

She captioned the post saying “Zi-right Zi-sssnakes?” People will now be scared of sabaweling a Ssssoft life and going to Ssssnake parks because bazothi “Sssssithwele””

See below:

Kefilwe was not the only celebrity who reacted to the claims.

947 host DJ Fresh also joined in the fun, posting a picture of himself holding a snake.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest shared a throwback video of his bestie Carpo freaking out while holding a snake.

Reality television star TT Mbha also took to Instagram to post a picture of him and a snake with a spicy caption.

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