Kelly Khumalo. Picture: Instagram
Kelly Khumalo. Picture: Instagram

Kelly Khumalo hits back at gospel fans criticising her lifestyle

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Apr 28, 2021

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Award-winning musician Kelly Khumalo has hit back at gospel fans who have criticised her and her relationship with Christianity.

In a video she posted on Instagram this week, the star clapped back at those who she has said judge her, specifically fans of the gospel genre.

“Those of you who call yourselves Christians, stop! Because you don’t even know what you go to church for. ‘Our God, Our God’, Gha! Sies!

“The very same God you’re talking about is the one that blesses me on a daily basis because he knows exactly who I am.

“I don’t try and put up a front,” said Khumalo.

She went on to remind fans that she wasn’t a gospel artist and asked haters to do her a favour by hitting that unfollow button.

“I’m no gospel artist and I don’t wish to be. I’m perfect as I am. If you have a problem as a fan it is very simple, f****** unfollow. It is that simple!” she said.

Khumalo is not one to mince her words, so the message came as no surprise to the star’s followers.

Just last week the “Empini” hitmaker took aim at Black Twitter when she accused users of the social media platform of having a mob mentality and encouraging a culture of bullying others.

In a video she posted, Kelly said to inspire kindness in children, it starts with parents’ online interactions.

“I have seen how the majority of this country endorses bullying, even giving it a name: ‘Black Twitter’.

“And you are surprised when your children follow in your footsteps. You are teaching them.

“If you want them to be kind humans, you start with being kind, even on the internet,” Kelly said.

“Ask yourself if you are a good parent, if you are raising a bully or a kind child,” she said.

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