Actress and choreographer Khabonina Qubeka. Picture: Khabonina/Instagram

Celebrity choreographer and actress Khabonina Qhubeka is a mom.

Qubeka took to Twitter and Instagram to announce the news earlier this morning that she had given birth to a healthy baby girl on the 2nd of October.

Qubeka wrote, "Good morning my angels... please allow me to share this with you (sic). A few days ago - 02 October 2018 at 9PM I gave birth to a beautiful healthy & oh so peaceful baby girl! Yes ITS A GIRL (sic)!"

"I had the most beautiful QUIET pregnancy. I'm so happy fam ... God is Good".

Celebrities and fans have responded to Qubeka's posts with both shock and glee, sharing their wishes of congratulations, admiration for keeping the pregnancy private, and compliments of Qubeka's daughter.