Khanya Mkangisa on hit and run accident claims: 'Story blown way out of proportion'

Khanya Mkangisa. Picture: Instagram

Khanya Mkangisa. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 1, 2019


Actress Khanya Mkangisa set the record straight about the recent incident that got her spending the night behind bars following an alleged hit and run incident.

This follows a Sunday World report that Khanya was arrested following a “high-speed car chase,” after 30-year-old star failed to stop after bumping into another car in Johannesburg last week.

Speaking to Mo Flava and Pearl Shongwe on Metro FM’s "The Drive" on Thursday, the "Selimathunzi" presenter confirmed the arrest but denied being involved in a hit and run.

“I was definitely not involved in a hit and run. I don't know how this story was blown way out of proportion.

"I was in my complex...parking in my parking bay, I hit the car that parks next to me, left my details, so it wasn’t really a dramatic situation ...It was a little scratch”

Asked if she anyone was hurt, Mkangisa insisted the car was stationary and no one got injured.

“But, basically, there is no case. Naturally. How is there going to be a case? Have you never hit someone's car by mistake?"

Asked if she has spoken to the owner of the other car,  “She did come to my house with the cops, that how the arrest happened.”

"It became a whole thing, unnecessarily. I can't really go into detail because of the arrest and all the other things they were saying about it," said The Queen actress.

Listen to the full interview below:

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