Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Twitter

Local personality Khanyi Mbau might be catching international flights but the doesn't mean she doesn't have time put a troll in their place. 

Mbau has been one of few South African celebs that has been open about the changes her body has gone through, including her skin. 

And while her openness for the most has caused most to leave her alone, it didn't stop one Twitter troll from giving a sideways comment about Mbau's skin. 

Mbau was on her way to Asia via Dubai when the sideways tweet came to her attention and she wasted no time dragging the troll for her comment saying, "Hunny I m currently on a flight to Dubai my skin issue is above u .. like literally boo.. relax buy ur ponds n wait for the robot to turn green before u cross the road!!". 

The troll quickly deleted the comment but it doesn't make her savage tweet burn less. 

The media personality seems to not be phased with Mbau joining in the jokes with the rest of the Twitterverse.