Lady Kaygee. Picture: Instagram
Lady Kaygee. Picture: Instagram

Lady Kaygee causes a stir with her 'honesty' on social media

By Entertainment reporter Time of article published Dec 30, 2019

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Local social media influencer Lady Kaygee took to her Instagram account to answer any questions her followers might have for her. 

Letting your followers ask you questions on the platform is nothing new as many celebrities do this. However, it was her honesty that caused her to trend on Twitter.

A follower asked her "What do you do for a living?". Posting the question, she answered saying "I date my man for a living, I know it sounds shallow but it's a lot of work". 

Another follower asked her if her partner covers all of her needs. She replied saying: "Yes. I save all the extra money and try to buy things that no one can ever take away from me. Things that don't depreciate in value. Things that I can fall back on if this doesn't work out for me".

She then posted an Insta story saying: "Wow, your questions are overwhelming.I totally get why girls lie about being CEO's of companies and getting their own money. Imagine a young girl telling you that you inspire her and all you did was date a rich man". 

She further said that her life was too shallow for the Insta streets and that she did not want to start lying that she owned her own businesses. 

See how Twitter users reacted:


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