Lasizwe. Picture: Instagram

Youtube star Lasizwe revealed that while he is in a relationship with his boyfriend Marcus, he also has several other side-dudes. 

This comes after the Youtuber was called out for lying about the purchase of his house in Sandton by his sister Khanyi Mbau.

In case you missed it, Lasizwe made an Instagram post about buying his first house a while back and was caught in a lie after Khanyi revealed that he did not buy the house and it was, in fact, his boyfriend Marcus.


Now, he has come out and stated that while Marcus is his main dude, he has several side-dudes and Marcus is okay with it. 

Speaking to DRUM Magazine, Lasizwe made it clear that he and Khanyi are fine and opened up about his unconventional relationship status. 

“We are fine now; she’s not upset anymore because she is my sister."

He also said: “I have other boyfriends, I have relationships but my boyfriend and I are good and he loves me”.