Linda Mtoba. Picture: Instagram
Linda Mtoba. Picture: Instagram

Linda Mtoba condemns petition to open salons

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 15, 2020

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Former "Isibaya" star Linda Mtoba took to Twitter on Thursday to express her concerns after she discovered that there are people who are challenging the lockdown regulations, urging the government to allow hair salons to reopen. 

At the moment, South Africa is on level 4, which means hair salons are among sectors that remain closed.

Mtoba, who crowned herself  “Mrs Husband,” says she was appalled by the petition to get hair salons to open during the national lockdown.

In a series of tweets, the local star lashed out at the people who are suggesting that the government must ease the lockdown regulations so they can look pretty.

She said: “There’s a whole petition for salons to open up, do ppl (people) really need to do their hair THAT bad???  Like for real for real.”

With over 4.4 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus and over 300 000 deaths worldwide, the local star reminded people of the danger such a move with exact.

“Ppl (People) are dying, we’re worried about hair. Ngiluke amagoda awu2 (I’m fine with my messy hair) and I’m in a doek (headwrap) all day. If I need to go out I wear a cap. C’ mon it’s can’t be that serious.Yes, the jobs matter but so do the lives," she vented.

She added: "Where are our priorities?? Cosmetic issues. We can live without good hair..."

Meanwhile, award-winning actress Dawn Thandeka-King recently revealed that due to lockdown, she was forced to shave off her hair. 

The "Uzalo" star took to her Instagram account to showcase off her new hairdo, and she really looks gorgeous with her bald head.

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