Linda Mtoba. Picture: Supplied
Linda Mtoba. Picture: Supplied

Linda Mtoba defends keeping her husband private

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Jun 22, 2020

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Actress Linda Mtoba has hit back at those who have questioned why she has never posted a clear image of her husband, Steven Mayer. 

The star, who is known for being private and never speaks about her husband, found herself having to defend her decision after she posted a picture of her hubby on Twitter. 

In the picture, Steven is not clearly visible and tweeps questioned why that was the case. 

See her post below: 

Linda said she was shocked at why people found it odd that she did not post clear pictures of him as he was not a public figure. 

Taking to Twitter, The River star said, "I can’t even articulate how dumbfounded I am every time ppl(people) get upset abt(about) what I choose to show about my private life. There’s so much of me that I give & share. The one that’s closest to my heart, being husband I want kept as my own & you feel I don’t deserve."

She went on to say that it was hurtful that people demand what she must share on her social media platforms.

"How you think it’s ok to demand of me that I share what’s closest & dearest to me, is hurtful, to say the least. My husband isn’t in the public eye, he didn’t choose that. I did," she said. 

See the rest of Linda's thread below:

It was only last month that that actress released the first images of her baby. 

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