Khanya Mkangisa. Picture: Instagram
Khanya Mkangisa. Picture: Instagram

LISTEN: Khanya Mkangisa breaks the silence on recent arrest, 'I'm so humiliated'

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 20, 2019

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Actress and TV host Khanya Mkangisa has opened up after a video of her arrest for driving under the influence was widely circulated on social media on Sunday.

In the video, Mkangisa is seen with her hands behind her back, while she and a female police officer are exchanging unpleasantries during an arrest.

Warning: The post contains strong language:

Khanya Mkangisa 😱😱 I didn’t know she’s this rude bathong. Anyway we lose our loved ones in car accidents due to people who drink and drive. This must really stop 🛑

— Neo M 🌸 (@NayMoatshe) May 4, 2019

Speaking on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast on Monday morning, Mkangisa admitted that she was drunk during the arrest that took place about three weeks ago.

The Queen star explained that she was taking her nail technician home when she was stopped at a roadblock in Witkoppen.

“I was in the wrong, no one should be ever driving under the influence, for whatever reason.... That shouldn’t have happened, that I acknowledge but keep the same energy,  treat me like you would everyone else.

Asked what she would like to see happen, she said: “I haven't thought that far, I'm so humiliated, it’s embarrassing because people don’t know what actually happened and what has being put out there is how I retaliated and proved the minute I was stopped...people don't know that this woman (police officer) tortured me before I even got out of my car,” said emotional Mkangisa.

Listen to the clip below:

Part 1 : We got @KhanyaMkangisa‘s side of the story #FreshBreakfast


She continued to explain how the police officer woman tormented her before she walked out of the car.

When asked if she will open a counter case against the officers, she said: "I want to I was in the wrong and sometimes to go away.  I really wish this thing will blow over, even though I was mistreated,"she said.

Part 2 : We got @KhanyaMkangisa‘s side of the story #FreshBreakfast


In February,  Mkangisa spent the night behind bars following an alleged hit and run incident after bumping into another car in Johannesburg.

She did, however, set the record straight at the time, confirming the arrest but denied being involved in a hit and run during an interview with Mo Flava and Pearl Shongwe on Metro FM’s "The Drive".

“I was definitely not involved in a hit and run. I don't know how this story was blown way out of proportion.

"I was in my complex...parking in my parking bay, I hit the car that parks next to me, left my details, so it wasn’t really a dramatic situation ...It was a little scratch”


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