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Jacaranda Breakfast radio show host Tumi Morake has spoken out against 'racist culture' after being on the receiving end of numerous racial slurs since joining the station three months ago.

The comedian and radio personality said the racist comments were amplified on Tuesday, after she and her co-host Martin Bester discussed Steve Hofmeyr's cancelled New Zealand gig.

Hofmeyr was one of the headline acts in the annual 'Afrikaans is Lekker Tour' held in Australia and New Zealand.

The New Zealand leg of the tour was reportedly cancelled due to expat anger at his involvement.  

However, according to reports, Hofmeyr said the event was cancelled due to high venue prices.

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While on-air, Tumi and Martin chatted to African-European Indaba founder Johan de Villiers and he said that what Hofmeyr represents is not what the majority of Afrikaans people in South Africa represent. 

The issue soon turned into a race debate, but Tumi stood firm and dismissed the fact that the cancellation was a racial issue. 

Tumi said that conversations that involve certain groups should leave her people out of it. She added that this is about a group of people that Hofmeyr represents and thus should not be about black people, as it would open another can of worms.

She also said that the colour of her skin would soon became the target.

Some of the messages Tumi received following the on-air discussion called for her resignation. She was also told to "go to the bush" and "black South Africans mess up everthing".

In follow-up discussion, Tumi challenged listeners to deal with the root of the "anger" and explained what it's like to be a black South African woman.

"As a black woman, I know already and I'm saying this from a place of experience of being on the show for the past two and half months that I did get a lot of comments that were not about how terrible I am on radio, but were very much about me not being where I belong. That was very clear," she said."

"Be honest about how it disturbs you that there is a black voice that stands up and acknowledges its blackness.  And we want to move on to a non-racial South Africa..."

"...my lived experience is that I do get treated first and seen first as a black woman then as a South African...

"Being pro-black doesn't automatically mean I am anti-white... on that I was very clear."

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Jacaranda FM's General manager Kevin shared a statement of the station's website clarifying the its stance on racism. He said: "Jacaranda FM supports a non-racial society and does not condone hate speech in any form or in any part of society."