Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

On Friday morning, an excited Zodwa Wabantu shared a video of herself dancing at the airport just moments before she was set to board her flight for Zambia. Little did she know that hours later she would be headed back to South Africa.

On Saturday Zambian officials deported the controversial dancer, who is popularly known for her sultry dance moves and performing without underwear, on the grounds that her performance would "undermine national values". She was billed to perform on Saturday in Lusaka at the launch of a music album organised by a local entertainment company, Sunset Sound Production.

Zodwa started trending on social media shortly after news of her deportation broke, and East Coast Radio presenters Ricky and Carol Ofori managed to get the entertainer on the line after her deportation. Zodwa explained how events unraveled before she was shown the door. 

Zambia deports racy SA dancer Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa claims she was asked if she was wearing underwear, and that her answer would determine whether she gets to perform or not. Zodwa says that when she confirmed that she was not wearing underwear, she was deported. 

Zodwa added that she was "worried about her people", but glad that she was paid her R40 000 in advance. When asked if she will wear underwear when she tours America, Zodwa was reluctant to answer for fear of 'losing money', but did say that whether she wears a panty or not is her choice, and that many woman do not wear underwear.