Keenan Arrison has a major scene alongside well-known Swedish actress Alicia Vikander in the movie Tomb Raider. Pictures: Lindsey Appolis
South African actor Keenan Arrison stars in the new Tomb Raider
movie that hit the big screen this month.

The actor, originally from Cape Town plays the part of Rockets, one of five mercenaries.

“It was an honour and a privilege to be part of this blockbuster franchise. I think the South African cast and crew involved can be really proud of how the film turned out on-screen. People are going to love it,” Arrison said.

Arrision began shooting in Cape Town last year. In the movie, he has a major scene alongside well-known Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. “The fight scenes were challenging and exhilarating, but working with an incredible stunt department makes the world of difference for any actor.”

He adds that he was trained in fight choreography by Grant Powell and Vernon Willemse.

“They are like big players in the stunt world and are renowned for their work on local films such as Noem My Skollie and Nommer 37.”

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Arrison auditioned for the role in Cape Town and received a callback one month later. “Once we started pre-production, only then did we realise the scale and magnitude of this project.”

To prepare for the role, Arrision was drilled in combat training, jiu jitsu and box knife fighting. “The discipline and focus was immense and it's tools I will carry with me throughout my career. Overall it was a growing, learning and fun experience.”

In cinemas March 15th 2018. Go watch @tombraidermovie 👌🙏 #badass

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On Monday, Tomb Raider ruled the international box office with $84.5 million (R1 billion) at over 32 685 screens at 65 markets.