Lasizwe Dambuza. Picture: Instagram
Lasizwe Dambuza. Picture: Instagram

LOOK: Lasizwe surprises aunt with first-time trip to CT for her birthday

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Apr 19, 2021

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Reality TV and social media star Lasizwe Dambuza is all about making people’s dreams come true.

From his “R10 goes a long way“ campaign that raised over R1 million in under a week, to help students enrol in university, to now surprising his ”mother“ with her first-ever trip to Cape Town for a mini holiday and to celebrate her birthday, the star clearly enjoys giving rather than receiving.

Lasizwe recently shared the video on Twitter in which he says: “My aunt, who has turned into a mother in my life after my mother’s passing, hasn’t been to Cape Town, so for her birthday I decided to fly her and family for a mini vacation to celebrate her birthday.

“Her reaction is priceless! Will forever treasure such moments”.

In the video Lasizwe showed how excited his aunt was to the whole experience.

From grabbing their bags at the airport to booking into a fancy CT mansion to having a beautiful cake and bunch of roses delivered to their table at lunch, riding a sky-car and even sunbathing at the beach, the holiday looks nothing short of amazing.

His fans on Twitter showered the social media sensation with good wishes for his good deeds.

“There's absolutely a great fulfilment in our hearts when we take care of the ones we love ... May God continue to bless them through you,” said @JuliaMalejwe.

@NgowapiBongiwe said: “That is what happens when you do good to/for others, one day God rewards you, especially when you do it for grateful ones: God bless you Lasizwe with more where you always take from for others, I love you so much, free-spirited child.”

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