Minnie Dlamini-Jones. Picture: Instagram
Minnie Dlamini-Jones. Picture: Instagram

LOOK: Minnie Dlamini-Jones writes an Afrikaans movie 'Pa' for kykNet

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Aug 3, 2021

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Media personality Minnie Dlamini-Jones has revealed one of her hidden talents that will now be introduced to the masses.

The star, who is one of Africa’s biggest, known for her presenting skills, business-savvy thinking and acting, is now adding a new skill to her CV: scriptwriting.

Minnie revealed this week that she wrote a movie that will premiere on the Afrikaans channel, kykNet.

Taking in Instagram, Minnie said, “If someone had to ask me who I am, I am a storyteller.

“It’s what I love most about life and how my ancestors passed on our history and lessons that the next generation needs to learn. I am so blessed that I get to express this passion of mine in multiple mediums.”

She also said that she created a story that transcends racial prejudice.

“Here is one of my hidden (not anymore) talents. I created a beautiful story about love that transcends racial prejudice.

“I got to work with my genius brother, Freddy Louw, who with a talented team of writers brought our story to life in the @kyknettv movie called ’Pa’”.

The star added: “It’s always about breaking the mould and not allowing myself to be boxed into a category”.

According to kykNet’s website, “Pa” tells the story of Andries van Rensburg who worked hard his whole life for him and his wife Anel to enjoy their retirement together, in peace and quiet.

However, an unexpected baby and Covid-19 changes their plans quickly.

It stars Louis Minnaar, Caryn Cloete and Hanli Rolfes.

The poster for “Pa” states “original story by Minnie Dlamini and Freddy Louw”.

See Minnie’s post below:

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