Nasty C. Picture: Supplied

Nasty C is in a happy place. That much was evident when I hung out with the 21-year-old rap star earlier this week. 

In between sharing our admiration for Young Thug, Nasty and I chatted about his cheeky opening to the second verse of Legendary, his move to Universal Music, the meaning of Strings and Bling, and his funny Whatsapp chats with his fans. 

The interview is going to be the cover story of the lifestyle section of the Sunday Independent this week. 

As an aside, I asked Nasty to list five albums that have had the most profound influence on his career:

TI - King

That was the first album I ever played. The first artist that I ever saw that actually caught my attention. The reason why I’m rapping today and why I even started.

TI King. Picture: Supplied

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III

That was around the time of Gimme That with Chris Brown. I was really young and with Wayne I just saw the bling, the attitude and the swag. 

I was still trying to gain all that type of stuff. I wasn’t even trying to grow or understand what he was talking about. I didn’t care what he was talking about. 

Lil Wayne. Picture: Supplied

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV

With Tha Carter IV I wasn’t just listening, that’s when I started paying attention to music and how it’s done, how to record, the ad-libs, how to use autotune and all that type of stuff. 

Lil Wayne. Picture: Supplied

Young Thug - Barter 6

My introduction to Young Thug, basically. I was just blown away by his character. The cadence is just insane, it’s like he breaks every rule there is to being a musician. This guy says stuff that doesn’t make sense, but it just sounds so dope. 

Young Thug. Picture: Supplied

Nasty C - Strings and Bling

It marks a very special point in my life. A point where I’ve made peace with a lot of things. A point where I found peace more than anything. I feel like I’m a whole new person, a new artist. 

Nasty C. Picture: Supplied