Local comedian Loyiso Gola. Picture:  Leon Lestrade African News Agency (ANA)
Local comedian Loyiso Gola. Picture: Leon Lestrade African News Agency (ANA)

Loyiso Gola's on a mission is getting his audience to ‘unlearn’ societal norms

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Dec 7, 2018

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Comedian Loyiso Gola returns from travelling the world to bring his latest comedy offering to Durban and Cape Town during the festive season.

Titled "Unlearning," the show challenges societal norms, making you question everything you thought you knew about politics, race and history.

Gola brings together sharp and philosophical contemplations all delivered with his signature satirical charm and wit.

“This show delves into unpacking what we’ve learnt growing up, viewing the world differently, and realising that there’s a need to unlearn it instead of being stuck in our own stereotypical mindsets,” said Gola.

Throughout the show, he goes through a process of attempting to “unlearn” some thoughts and preconceptions about relationships, masculinity, race, and things that he is going through and are pertinent in his life like his travels and upbringing.

“Like a computer operating system needs to be upgraded, so do humans. We need to ask ourselves if the way we are moving in the world is acceptable or do should we be changing with the times,” said Gola.

Gola performed this show in Durban before, but at the time it was under development. Now developed he had the opportunity to perform it in London and Montreal.

Gola also recently performed on Britain’s prestigious Live at the Apollo and recorded a Netflix special in Montreal, Canada which is set to premiere next year.

He also appeared on rapper 50 Cent’s BET comedy show, 50 Central, which he describes the experience as “cool”.

“Travelling has been great. I get to meet and perform for different people and expand my knowledge and apply myself. I’ve been in the industry for 18 years now, it’s only within the last three years that I was able to reap the rewards of hard work,” said Gola.

About his comedy, he said he does not change his material to suit international audiences.

“All my shows are the same. Human beings are human beings - we all the same. Somewhere somehow people told us that we are different. But everyone around the world relates to the jokes I tell,” he said.

“I think South Africans, however, have a low self-esteem. You wouldn’t find an international comedian changing their jokes to suit South Africans, so why should we do it?” Gola said.

Tickets from R120 are available at Computicket outlets and online.

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