Major League. Picture: Instagram

Local twin DJs Major League were in hot water after sharing a tweet of one-legged Comrades marathon participant asking tweeples what their excuse was. 

The Twitterverse didn't take too kindly to the tweet on Sunday with users not only throwing shade but redirecting the question back at them.

One of the savage replies came from Twitter user @lwazi_mona who said: "@RealBlackCoffee conquered the world sold out venues gets fully booked all year localy and globally with just one hand, between the 2 of you, you 2 got 4 arms 2 minds but still buy beats and music from kids then proceed to call yourselves djs, real question here is, what's your excuse". 

The duo responded to the backlash, calling on tweeps to "focus on matters".

This is has been happing regularly with SA celebs backtracking after tweeples drag them for comments made online. 

Such as Supa Mega and Mufasa who are regularly read for filth for their unsolicited advice and flexing on the Twitter streets.