Master KG to Vee Mampeezy, ‘stop trying to fit in my shoes’

Vee Mampezy and Master KG. Picture: Instagram

Vee Mampezy and Master KG. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 8, 2022


Musician Vee Mampeezy, who hails from Botswana, is in the country and rubbing up Master KG the wrong way.

The “Jerusalema” hitmaker took to Facebook and shared a post dedicated to Mampeezy, real name Odirile Ishmael Sento.

“Vee Mampeezy Tlogela Goba Bari my Brother I have known you for a long for you to what you doing,” he wrote.

Fans flocked to the comment section to speculate as to what the Motswana singer had done.

Mampeezy, prior to Master KG’s post, revealed that he and his wife Kagiso were getting divorce.

The public were quick to speculate about whether Master KG was referring to the couple’s split.

Screenshot of Master KG’s Facebook exchange with Vee Mampeezy

Master KG was quick to nip this in the bud and clarified that the post had nothing to do with Mampeezy’s marriage drama but “with what Vee is currently doing in South Africa”.

In another post, the global sensation told the “Unstoppable” hitmaker that the moves he has been making while in Mzansi are lame.

“Vee Mampeezy stop trying to fit in my shoes… they are big… stay in your lane,” wrote Master KG in one of his comments.

Master KG in his posts seemed to be implying that Mampeezy was searching for fame by using his name but Mampeezy shared that he is not the one posting and called for Master KG to stop the unnecessary drama.

Screenshot of Master KG’s Facebook exchange with Vee Mampeezy

“Master KG SA Music if I loved fame I would have posted about you first, but you are the one who is busy posting, who loves fame now my brother, please lets stop this drama its unnecessary!”

Mampeezy released “Ukondelela” with Makhadzi last month and they even released the music video to the song. Some people wondered if what Mampeezy did in Master KG’s privacy was maybe move on his girl.