Mihlali Ndamase. Picture: Instagram
Mihlali Ndamase. Picture: Instagram

Mihlali Ndamase co-signing shaking your '*ss on a yacht, in Dubai, in a thong' causes uproar

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Jun 1, 2021

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Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase co-signing another YouTuber’s comments about living your best luxury life has rubbed some South African men the wrong way.

YouTuber Nella Rose’s first episode on her new series, “Girl on Girl”, on her channel has ruffled feathers with regard to the type of men she wants to date.

Nella is most known for her viral “Are you not embarrassed? This is very embarrassing” clip.

In “Girl on Girl”, Nella and some of her friends discuss various topics.

What got some feathers ruffled was the discussion on picking two out of three attributes – height, loyalty and money – that women want a man to have.

Nella picked money and height. She explained: “I have been suffering, I suffer for 19 years. It’s time for me to shake my *ss on a yacht, in Dubai, in a thong.”

This clip quickly made its way to Twitter where many women agreed that a life of luxury was what they deserved.

Men reacted with disdain to the comments.

Mihlali also co-signed living a life of luxury and retweeted one of the negative comments about the clip, saying: “How men with no yachts behave.”

Twitter @TUGZWESEME was one of the men that was touched by this comment and said: “As if mihlali has yachts. F*** out of here with that bullshit.”

To which Mihlale replied: “While you could be focused on getting your bag up so you can live, what you won’t admit to be your dream life of having girls like me on your yacht shaking our buns, here you basking in small boy energy.

“Keep your nose outta women’s business sweetheart.”

After getting some backlash, she posted: “Men with no money (holding hands emoji) finding something negative to say about black women fantasizing about luxury.”

Her comment caused an uproar, with social media users divided on the issue.

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