Mischka Najar’s sour grapes reaction to ex-Xavier Haupt’s new romance

Nadia Jaftha and Xavier Haupt. Picture: Instagram

Nadia Jaftha and Xavier Haupt. Picture: Instagram

Published May 11, 2022


While local social media influencer Nadia Jaftha has been posting loved up pictures on Instagram and making TikToks with her new bae and “Love Island SA” contestant Xavier Haupt, TikTokers want to know what went down between him and his ex girlfriend, Mischka Najar.

Scrolling through TikTok, numerous content creators took to the platform to make TikToks asking about their split, one TikTok in particular covered most of the questions we’re dying to know.

@reece_kelli Am I the drama?is Nadia going to admit to being the side chick?😶‍🌫️ #xadia #gennadoingthings #ABridgetonAffair #makemefameous #tiktoksa #relationships #cheating #fyp ♬ original sound - Reece Kelli

Najar on the other hand, who goes by “@therealdopest” has been making TikToks of her own, that clearly reflect a hurt woman, using tags like “healing” and “revenge”.

@therealdopest On god 🤣 #fyp ♬ BF REVEAL contains music from Phoebe Bridgers - demi looney
@therealdopest Healing > Revenge 🤞🏽 #fyp ♬ MEAN! - Madeline The Person
@therealdopest Someone stole my bucket hat at Sunday blom 😞 #fyp ♬ original sound - Mercedes.fboyzz

After watching @reece_Kelli’s TikTok Najar responded saying: “Y’all don’t even know the just of it”.

To which @reece_Kelli replied: “I honestly commend u for how u handling everything‼️ And it’s not our business but if/when u feel ready to speak on it. Do it‼️”

The conversation flowed with Najar replying: “Thank you boo! I’ll definitely tell my story, through music or art 🖤😅 at SOME point or another!”.

Last year, Haupt and Najar co-starred on the first season of “Love Island SA” and they were placed third at the finale, and continued their relationship after the show ended.

Everything seemed great until February 2022, when Najar went to Dubai for a working holiday.

The next minute, Jaftha posts loved up pictures and TikToks on social media of herself and Haupt.

@nadiajaftha Reply to @kasiefah I really did 🥺❤️ @zaaaaber ♬ Off My Face - Justin Bieber

TikTokers shamed Haupt and offered words of encouragement to Najar.

“You made him and he never deserved you - hold your head up high honey 🤍 I salute you!” said Sasha Frans.

While Teressa_Zion said: “God is watching those who break happy people up and God will deal with all of them. This cruel world wants you to become hard and cruel, so don't ❤”.

Jaftha has been mum on the topic.