Miss Universe  Zozibini Tunzi. Picture: Instagram
Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi. Picture: Instagram

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi runs out of toilet paper due to panic shopping

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Mar 19, 2020

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Put any news channel on and you are more than likely to see a story on panic shopping. 

This is of course due to restrictions put in place by governments around the world to curb the spread of Covid-19. 

Although governments have not put any restrictions on shopping and how much you can purchase at stores, people are still panic shopping in their numbers. 

Just this week South Africans went out in their numbers buying products like milk, bread, canned goods and even toilet paper in bulk. 

And the panic buying is not only affecting regular people on the street, but it's even affected Miss Universe. 

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, who stays in New York with her gorgeous roomie, Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst, realised they only had one roll of toilet paper. 

And thanks to people shopping like doomsday was around the corner, most stores had none.

They resorted to asking their moms to come through with toilet paper and documented the whole thing on their Instagram Stories.

Although neither of their moms stay in New York, the likelihood of Kryst's mother sending them toilet paper before Tunzi's mother did was higher. However, that did not stop Tunzi from asking her mother to send it anyway. 

“So Cheslie's mom said she'll send us some toilet paper and I just think at this point that my mom needs to step up. I know she's in South Africa, but she needs to start shipping some toilet paper,” she said, before laughing.

“Hopefully it arrives by June,” Kryst said.

Tunzi also said that she knew no one in New York but was later reminded by her followers that she knew Trevor Noah and could ask him for toilet paper. 

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