Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala officially call it quits

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala. Picture: Facebook

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala. Picture: Facebook

Published Mar 15, 2022


Actor and television host Moshe Ndiki and his musician husband Phelo Bala have officially gone their separate ways.

In an exclusive interview with IOL Lifestyle sister publication Isolezwe, Moshe revealed the news of his breakup to Phelo.

The Metro FM presenter also confirmed that he is no longer married to Phelo.

He said despite his marriage with Phelo not working out he still believes in love and marriage.

“As a person who was married before, I am still intending to marry again because I love marriage and I love love,” Moshe said.

“The problem is not in love or marriage, but it’s in people.”

Moshe and Phelo tied the knot in 2019 in a private ceremony.

The couple only revealed their secret marriage on their one year wedding anniversary.

Fans were shocked to learn that the couple got married and kept their marriage under wraps for over a year.

The news of their nuptials received mixed reactions on social media.

In June 2020, reports emerged that Moshe allegedly assaulted Phelo with a candle stand at their Northriding home. As a result, Phelo obtained an interim court order against Moshe.

Later the former ‘Uyajola99’ presenter released a statement on social media to clear his name after the abuse allegations.

“These are matters of a private nature and I have been advised because there are pending court proceedings I should not comment (on).

“The most I am prepared to state at present is that I have in no way abused Phelo and am prepared to follow the legal processes to prove this fact,” Moshe said.

He said: “Anyone who has dealt with domestic violence knows how difficult it is to speak about their experiences and the shame attached to being a victim”, Moshe said.

He said his family and friends were aware of Phelo’s “aggressive nature” particularly when he was “under the influence of alcohol.”

— Moshelle Obama (@MosheNdiki) July 6, 2020

While Moshe has not posted Phelo on social media recently, it seems Phelo has deactivated his social media accounts.

Meanwhile, Moshe and fellow actor SK Khoza have sparked “dating” rumours.

The duo has taken to their respective social media pages and posted videos of each other cosying up.

In one post, SK can be seen serenading Moshe while also massaging his feet.

“My foot massage turned into a serenading ceremony,” wrote Moshe.

In another video, SK is heard saying he’s toe guys and referring to Moshe as his girl.

“Don’t hate, appreciate. Maybe I’m a toe guy … my girl got some nice toes,” SK said.