Mpho Popps is a hit after stepping in for Sol Phenduka on ‘Podcast and Chill’

Mpho Popps. Picture: File

Mpho Popps. Picture: File

Published Sep 20, 2022


All-round entertainer Mpho Modikoane, aka Mpho Popps kept Sol Phenduka’s chair warm as he played co-host on the latest episode of Mac G’s “Podcast and Chill”.

Phenduka was unable to make the show due to being ill, but chillers welcomed the breath of fresh air as Popps made them laugh from beginning to end.

In fact, some fans said that they woudn’t mind having Popps in the hot seat every two weeks.

“I wish we could have an episode with Mpho Popps every two weeks or monthly #podcastandchillwithmacg,” said @MoGurl56.

Popps is the only celebrity that’s appeared on the podcast three times and if chillers have a say in the matter, it could be more frequent.

The podcast was filled with laughter as Mac G, Ghost Lady and Popps chopped it up about Dubai, AKA, Kelly Khumalo, Slikour, Prince KB, Toll Ass Mo and other things for close to one and a half hours.

They joked about how much it costs to “get a blow job” in Dubai and how the country is developing comparing it to South Africa where we “can’t keep the lights on”.

“We can’t keep the lights on, other n***** are building moons. Haai guys, haai, five billion dollars for a moon hotel,” said Popps.

Mac G added: “Aah bro man, that’s why a part of me hates travelling, because you realise what a s*** h*** of a country we live in.”

The crew also spoke about rapper AKA’s new song “Lemons (Lemonade)”.

“I just love that AKA is back after what he went through and is at the same league, like the AKA we’ve know,” said Ghost Lady.

While Popps blew AKA’s horn: “Kenan is a hitmaker. This is a hit. You have to give it up for AKA. Hit after hit after hit. Kenan is actually in love with the music.

“He doesn’t make music to suit the times. He cooks. He goes into the studio and cooks. He goes ‘I need to put out something that’s a banger’ and he takes time and he cooks.

After listening to “Lemons (Lemonade), MacG said he felt AKA was the “best” hip hop artist to come out of this country.

Tweeps had a ball of a time listening to the show and took to Twitter to share their joy.

Sharing a GIF @Biz_Sanele wrote: “How we were like throughout the Mpho Popps episode on #PodcastAndChill.”

“Mpho Popps did the things today, never have i laughed so hard in a while, what a brilliant show, felt like it only played for 30mins #PodcastAndChill #MacG #podcastandchillwithmacg,” wrote @Tshepound.

@da_vinci_za wrote: “Man, Mpho Popps is such a vibe😂😂🔥❤️ #podcastandchillwithmacg #macg #PodcastAndChill.”