Msaki puts trolls, including Nota, in their place before announcing Twitter break

Msaki. Picture: Instagram

Msaki. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 28, 2022


Award-winning musician Msaki, real name Asanda Mvana, has penned a lengthy thread announcing her break from social media.

Msaki is one of the most-booked artists in Mzansi with her performing at various events and festivals.

The life of an artist is known to be super busy, with all the commitments they find themselves tied to, and life can get overwhelming.

Msaki in her Twitter thread explained how she doesn’t want to be “known or in front of ppl” but being in the public eye is a bi-product of her devotion to her passion.

Recently, Msaki made headlines because of a Sunday tabloid that alleged she had been the other woman in radio presenter Smash Afrika’s marriage.

“It shouldn’t make me a victim to a violation of privacy of a complete twisting of the truth. But I get it; we are all victims here. It’s ok,” she wrote.

She went on to speak about how she was not a celebrity or someone who could be pulled apart when internet trolls were bored.

“I’m not a celebrity, something too unduly pedestalled or pardoned when I’m wrong, or pulled apart when the internet trolls are bored. I’m a devotee. I cannot be turned into a spectacle just because my focus has become boring to some,” she wrote.

The “Ubomi Abumanga” hit-maker pleaded for kindness to trolls and for toxic spaces to be disempowered.

"Be kind to the trolls, they are hurting deep. The Notas, the Chris nton nton’s, the Musas, etc.

“Disempower these toxic spaces making us sub-human and so desensitised to each other’s complexities and truths for entertainment,” she tweeted.

After encouraging her followers to practise kindness, Msaki let everyone know that she is taking time out to fetch her real life.

She may be taking a break from social media and the entertainment scene but the songstress will still commit to her gigs for the festive season.