MX. Picture: Supplied
MX. Picture: Supplied

Musician MX drops new EP full of 'Potential'

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Apr 5, 2020

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After a 2-year hiatus from music, MX is back with the first volume of his  “Wasted Potential EP”. 

This EP is by far MXs most honest and most personal release yet. The EP is led with the first single ‘Ungqo.”

Ungqo is a Zulu word which means "true/or authentic."

On this mid tempo anthem MX sprinkles colloquial phrases in isiZulu, delivered with a vernacular cadence to create a modern urban sing along single in 2020.

The EP consists of four tracks; running at just over 15 minutes - Namely, Retweet This, Ungqo, Bout That & Shouldn’t Change.

Having worked with artists such as Aewon Wolf, Nasty C and the late Inseezy on past projects, Wasted Potential Volume 1 is a solo journey without features, it’s the truest expression of MX’s unique style.

When did you start working on this EP?

I started working on this project in late 2017, so this being vol.01 is part of on going EP potential series.

What were some of the things that inspired it?

Loss, pain ,being an underdog, and the hunger to grow. 

Before going into studio, did you know exactly what you wanted the end result to be and did you achieve that?

The intention was always to create music that uplifts,  motivates, and heals but there was no specific goal, just to present my best version at all times. 

Which also speaks t o the painting of the album art because I do believe we are all masterpieces in progress. It just gets clearer with time and understanding

your life is your very own creation. Over the last two years I've been about exploring and learning, as I recorded this project myself,  so I spent more time exploring and getting to know who I am, it's really therapy

How would you describe the sound of this album? Is it genre specific?

Contemporary South African Hip hop

Is there a specific theme?

The theme is potential. When I think about it, it's what ties all the songs together, whether its confronting your lack of potential, or realizing  the power of tapping into potential to become your best version.

Talk to me about the lyrical content, what inspired the writing and what space were you in when writing?

The actual content was inspired by moments and experiences in my life and those around me. 

I've always took the power  of words serious, there is actually a Zulu saying that goes "ulimi lwakho luyadala" which means the tongue creates, or how I interpret it is that you speak things into existence. 

I co-exist in this dual reality where I am English and Zulu speaking, and that  reflects itself into the music, that's why I love the juxtaposition  of the languages in my style, as I feel it offers a unique way to express and connect . 

Which track is your favorite and why?

It changes all the time, cause of the different moods but I really like #Retweet this. 

What do you hope this EP achieves for you?

Solidify my message and position, and to connect with people who need it most, and to also remind them that they too should not waste potential.

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