Mzansi celebs speak out against MacG’s transphobic comments

MacG. Picture: Instagram

MacG. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 27, 2021


Following major backlash from a recent episode of MacG’s “Podcast and Chill”, several South African celebrities have condemned the transphobic comments made on the show.

This included Rami Chuene, Thando Thabethe and Lasizwe.

Chuene requested that MacG remove the two episodes she’s featured on and referred to the comments made on the podcast as “disrespectful” and “discriminatory”.

“@MacGUnleashed NO. That episode was NOT “raw & unfiltered” but Disrespectful and Discriminatory.

“As an LGBTQI+ ally, I humbly ask that you take my 2 episodes down. I honestly thought you had a good thing going. How unfortunate but homophobia will never be a joke. Unacceptable,” she posted.

Thabethe reiterated similar points and said: “Discrimination in the guise of being “raw & unfiltered” wish I could unsee that MacG podcast. Disgusted!“.

— Thando Thabooty (@Thando_Thabethe) January 26, 2021

Local YouTuber Lasizwe was one of the few queer celebrities that also spoke out against MacG and called him out for the transphobic comments.

Furthermore, stating that the disclaimer at the beginning of his show doesn’t excuse what was said.

“@MacGUnleashed Just becoz you have a disclaimer in your videos doesn't give you the right to be transphobic!

“As someone who is proudly part of the LGBTI Community and is openly gay, I found your statement hurtful and very dangerous. Educate yourself, TRANS LIVES MATTER!!! MacG!“

However, former Feather Awards Fag of the Year winner Pearl Thusi decided to retweet and like several comments defending MacG and was subsequently called out for it.

— Teemoh (@_teemoh) January 26, 2021

She has since unliked and unretweeted them.

In a segment on his “Podcast and Chill” episode, MacG and his co-hosts, Sol Phenduka and the Ghost Lady discussed Siv Ngesi’s recent debut of his drag persona, Sivanna.

Subsequently talking about Caitlyn Jenner and several other unnamed transwomen where they go to make transphobic comments and misgender transwomen.

Following the backlash from the episode, Old Mutual released a statement regarding MacG regarding the status of the partnership with the podcast. They said they respect the rights of everyone and had decided to end their relationship with MacG with immediate effect.

They distanced themselves from any harmful commentary made against the LGBTQI+ community.

Furthermore, they called MacG’s commentary “ignorant and insensitive” and said more education needed to take place with regards to the queer community.

IOL Entertainment has reached out to YouTube Black Voices but is waiting for a response.

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