Mzansi reacts to Gareth Cliff on 'The Big Debate'

Gareth Cliff. Picture: Instagram

Gareth Cliff. Picture: Instagram

Published May 11, 2020


Mzansi had a lot to say in response to South Africa's town hall debate show, "The Big Debate", which now moved online with a series called "Rise Above" due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The show, hosted by veteran journalist Redi Tlhabi, featured former "Idols SA" Judge Gareth Cliff as well as author Jamil F. Khan, where they discuss Cliff’s now viral letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The shows and the points raised by the guests became a trending topic on Twitter, with many not holding back.

%%%twitter">@GarethCliff. Who's this 'we'? You speak for privilege. Your wealth comes from the exploitation of the people you claim to speak for. @JamilFarouk.

Feel the flames on #RiseAbove with @RediTlhabi Gareth & Jamil.

— Big Debate SA (@BigDebateSA)

The episode had many quotable moments, but it also sparked a big debate online where Tweeps were critical of the conduct of Cliff.

%%%twitter">@JamilFaroukhad so much grace and kept such a poker face when Gareth instead of attacking jamil’s arguments, started name calling etc! Urgh also I want jamil to teach how to poker face that well!

— Sherilyn Naidoo (@Sherzi15)

Was sent this not sure the source but like in life everything is not black and white.

— Sharendra Panday (@Sharendra) May 10, 2020

%%%twitter">@JamilFarouk“You petty socialist!” The worst debates one can have is when you say one thing and then the other person makes it seem like you said an extreme version of what you actually said, devoid of any nuance.

— Khaya Dlanga (@khayadlanga)

%%%twitter">#reditlabitry and set Gareth up with the visuals of the whiteys braaing juxtaposed with the darkies being harassed by the police. Why didn't she use the visuals of Stella Abramswhatshernameagain having dinner during lockdown...?

— Magnus Heystek (@MagnusHeystek)

%%%twitter">@GarethCliffdestroy this #SJW and rightly call out the hosts occasional attempts to strawman him👍🏾

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Watch —>

— Sihle Ngobese (@BigDaddyLiberty)


%%%twitter">@JamilFaroukwho refused to stoop down to his level! He knows along with all white people defending him if the lockdown continues he has no chance to exploit all the black workers he pretends to speak for

— Faatimah Shandu Mohamed (@faatimah_Moh)

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