Nadia Jaftha breaks down on Instagram

Nadia Jaftha. Picture: Supplied

Nadia Jaftha. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 19, 2022


Multi-award-winning content creator Nadia Jaftha took to Instagram at 4.44am on September 19 to share her emotions with her followers after awaking with “heavy chest pains“.

Earlier this month, Jaftha scooped three awards at the inaugural DStv Content Creator Awards, which included the biggest award of the night, the DStv Content Creator of the Year Award.

In her Instagram video she said: “I woke at 4am with this heavy feeling on my chest, I needed some of you to hear this message, I just felt the need to make this video right now.

“I don’t know if some of you need to hear this message before you start your Monday.

“I know it seems that I’m talking from a place of privilege so what do I know and what can I say, but the truth is that you never know what someone else is going through, you don’t know the battles they have and I wish that I could divulge in some of my battles and struggles,” she said.

Over two minutes into the video, an emotional Jaftha teared up and continued: “Just know that everyone is fighting a battle so it’s so important to be kind to each other.

“If any of my friends are watching this, please don’t wonder why I didn’t say anything to you before, I hope you guys can understand that I just felt the need to make this video for anyone watching, that is feeling overwhelmed and stressed, financially strained, misunderstood, bullied, stuck in a constant loop they can’t get out of, I want to remind you to keep the faith, I knows its easier said than done and who am to say its going to be okay.

“Because I don’t know everyone’s struggles, just like you don’t know mine.”

Nadia Jaftha. Picture: Instagram

The “Who's My Daddy” lead actress explained that even if one person watched her video it would “be okay”.

She said what was important was that people should remember that “everyone is fighting a battle” and “trying to navigate through life with as much ease as possible”.

"But do you know how much easier it becomes when we are just kind to each other and try to understand.”

The video, which spans over five minutes, concludes with an unapologetic Jaftha telling people to steer away from posting negative feedback on her breakdown video.

“I don’t know if I’m completely embarrassing myself now and I don’t really care, I just hope that the people who understand why I’m making this video hoping this message gets to you.

“If you think its silly, that’s okay, just don’t leave a k*k comment. I hope you guys have a beautiful Monday … I hope that you start to see hope and hold on to that hope and that it takes you as far as it needs to take you to … I love you guys.”

Her fans came out in support of the post.

@stylebyloren wrote: “There is power in our vulnerability 🙌 You are brave for sharing your vulnerability and know that this message had to be shared! ❤️ Bless you lady!”

@michellem434 wrote: “Hi Nadia, at times we little hard on ourselves take time out get away from social media 🙏🏻”

@ahimsa_ali wrote: “So much love for you Nadia. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable. I know I needed this and I know many others did too. It’s not easy right now and behind our smiles are stories no one could know ❤️thank you for sharing your heart x.”