Nadia Jafta. Picture: Instagram
Nadia Jafta. Picture: Instagram

Nadia Jaftha gets dragged for birthday party price tag

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Oct 19, 2018

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Social media influencer Nadia Jaftha was a hot topic after her birthday party flyer circulated on social media, leaving Mzansi shook by steep prices.

While tweeps are still wondering why the travel vlogger is famous, the local influencer's birthday party price tag had Twitter scratching its head.

Jaftha plans to host her birthday party on 16 November at Saint Nightclub in Cape Town, and table prices range from R1500 for a standing table of four, to R15 000 for a sitting table of 12 people. 

Nah, dear

— frostradamus (@Nick_Frost) October 18, 2018

Tweeps weighed in on the exorbitant prices with some creative memes popping up too. 

Wait, who's Nadia Jaftha? And why do you need a loan for her party?

— ☆Raeesa Kimmie☆ (@RaeesaK) October 18, 2018

when you at Nadia Jaftha’s party, talking to a girl, trying to get her and some friends to come to your section and she turns around and yells “he’s at the standing tables 🤣” to her squad.

— 21 Average (@_KUMILLE_) October 18, 2018

finna pay my R1500 for that standing table and pull up to Nadia Jaftha’s party with one of these.

— 21 Average (@_KUMILLE_) October 18, 2018

nadia jaftha gonna lum alone at her party with the rest of capetown “influencers” because no mere mortal is gonna pay R15000 to lum with her is she jhas

— natheefahabr (@natheefahhh) October 18, 2018

imagine paying R15k for a section at Nadia Jaftha’s birthday and they ain’t even gonna put a complimentary bottle of 1818 on the table, yoh 🤣⚰️

— 21 Average (@_KUMILLE_) October 18, 2018

15k to have a table at some womans birthday who’s apparently known for her boobs ?? LOOOOOOL

— Naadhirah Hassen (@Messssut_) October 18, 2018

Who is Nadia Jaftha?

— Rushé (@MizzRulo_) October 18, 2018

The Nadia Jaftha party starter pack.

— cнz (@R_cHEsTEr_N) October 18, 2018

Eish the #NadiaJaftha memes are flowing ..

— Jason KING Klein (@JasonKlein_RSA) October 18, 2018

(googles Nadia Jaftha)...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! She's an "influencer"?

I thought at least she's an Idols runner up.

— Glamasaurus Rex (@lancefron) October 19, 2018

How bout this one 😂😂

— Clarence Watts SDB (@clarencesdb) October 18, 2018

Following the social media uproar, Jaftha took to her Instagram stories and explained that these are the normal table prices and that she's not the club owner. 

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