Nadia Nakai. Picture: Instagram

in the latest episode of "female rappers who get exposed for a homophobic past", Nadia Nakai's homophobic tweets from 2010 resurfaced. 

The "Naaa Meaan" rapper joins the likes of Boity, The City Girls and Doja Cat whose old homophobic tweets were dug up by the Twitter CIA. 

The Twitterverse seems to be working hard in exposing rappers and following the tweet coming to light she issued an apology saying: 

"Hai guys pulling tweets from 2010? I was childish cos I was a child!! I'm sorry if they offended you 🙏🏽. It just further shows how people on these twitter streets don't know me and my heart. "

In a similar fashion as Boity, the rapper claims that she was young and childish. The part of the tweet that had tweets raise an eyebrow though was the "if they offended you" part which comes across as a non-apology and members of the LGBTQI+ community calling for her to be cancelled.