Bujy Bikwa. Picture: Instagram
Radio personality Bujy Bikwa got the short end of the stick after he came for Nando's new "Boujee Bowl" campaign. 

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, the Metro FM presenter claimed that he started "in the game" in 2009 with the term Bujy, and that Nando's stole the "Boujee Bowl" idea from him. 

"I’ve been Bujy stepping in the game since 2009 and @NandosSA comes with its Boujee Bowl as if the name is new... Nando's must pay respect where it’s due... I honestly don’t understand how they can just get away with using my name and not pay respect!" said Bikwa. 

However, Nando's didn't take this shot at them lightly and responded to his comment by tweeting him with a shady remark saying:  "@bujy, O ntse o phela? (translated to 'you still alive') But then again… If you lived up to your name you would’ve had your own bowl."

Tweeps didn't expect this level of savagery from the fast-food giant with one user commenting "You guys went in HARD" and Nando's replied by saying "I mean, don’t come for us. unprovoked" accompanied by a Tamar Braxton gif. 

DJ Fresh also jumped on the fun and sarcastically replied to Bikwa's initial tweet saying: "BRO!!!!!  I feel you .... am busy suing Milk, fruits and Air as we tweet!!! NX!!!" 

And Nando's replied: "@DJFreshSA, just make sure it's not all spelt "phresh" or anything. One case of mistaken identity is enough for today."

And the 947 radio DJ playing along with the shade session tweeting: "they must ALL pay!"