Nasty C amends his top five SA rappers list to add Cassper Nyovest and others

Nasty C. Picture: Instagram

Nasty C. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 29, 2022


A few weeks ago, Nasty C joined Darryl Nyamz, from “The Episode”, for an interview that saw him list his top five favourite South African rappers of all time.

In sharing his list, the multi-platinum selling South African rapper had promised that he wouldn’t be biased with his list.

"This is purely based off the people I grew up on and the people that when they drop songs I listen to them and go, ‘F***, I need to go back and write’.

“It’s people like AKA, of course. Maggz, at a point. Definitely Proverb, 100%. There was a point where I was listening to a lot of Mr Selwyn, I don’t know what happened to him. And K.O has to be there, for sure.”

When Nyamz brought up Nyovest, Nasty responded: “Never really been in my top 5 rappers, but like, as a musician, he’s definitely up there. Musician, businessman, definitely up there.”

The 26-year-old seems to have U-turned on that statement.

In the early hours of Monday morning, he shared separate posts with images of five local rappers, without any captions.

Many have interpreted the posts as an amended list of his favourite rappers of all-time.

He started off with AKA, whom he previously listed as his favourite local star, before moving on to Stogie T, K.O, Cassper Nyovest and Da LES.

He seems to have had second thoughts about Mr Selwyn, Maggz and Proverb, who were all omitted from his initial list.

As ever, the debate over this new list rages on online.