Eminem and Nasty C. Picture: Instagram
Eminem and Nasty C. Picture: Instagram

Nasty C backtracks on 'I would out-rap Eminem' comment

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Mar 26, 2021

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Award-winning South African hip hop star Nasty C has backtracked from a bold statement he made recently.

The “Zulu Man“ star got tongues wagging on social media when he said he would out-rap American rapper Eminem.

It all started when Nasty C went live on Instagram to engage with some of his followers.

While answering a string of questions that were asked by fans, the rapper explained why he felt he could ‘spank’ Eminem.

“I tell you what, I could actually spank Eminen.

“The reason why I say this is because recently Eminem is not really relatable, he is dope, his bars are out of this world but he is not relatable.

“If you are a rapper you go crazy over it, if you are a normal person you get to the end of the verse and ask ‘what did he just say’’, said Nasty C in the video.

He further said that because he could be relatable to some and not to others, that gave him an advantage over Eminem.

“I could do both, I could totally make no sense to a normal person or I could be super relatable so I could spank Eminem”, he said.

While some social media users appreciated Nasty’s confidence, many others asked he could “come for Eminem”.

With global sales of over 220 million records, Eminem is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. He has had ten number-one albums on the Billboard 200.

Following the backlash he received, the “Zulu Man With Some Power” hitmaker cleared the air saying he loved Eminem.

“Dear Eminem. I love you. If you see the video going around don’t pay no mind to it. Just laugh about it and move on. Ngyak’saba,” he wrote in an Instastory.

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