Nasty C and Usher. Picture: Instagram/Twitter
Local rapper Nasty C knows what it's like to have a bad haircut and he couldn't help but empathise with Usher following a post with the singer with his own bad haircut.

On Sunday night, international R&B star Usher shared a picture of his new haircut and fans were wondering who was responsible for the mess on his head. 

Tweeps flooded the 'Caught Up' singer's mentions with suggestions of better barbers and made fun of his new haircut.

Nasty C related deeply with Usher's turmoil as he too suffered from a bad haircut right before his trip to the US in August. 

The 'Bad Hair' shared two quote tweets, with the first one being empathetic and the second one more doing a riff on Usher's song 'U Remind Me'.