AKA and Nicole Nyaba. Picture: Instagram

Local model Nicole Nyaba was clearly in the mood to shake the table after posting an Insta Story of what looks like her chilling at AKA's crib. 

This comes after Nyaba professed before the nation that she was not AKA's side-chick on Trending SA in May. 

However, when co-host Khuli Roberts asked her if she is interested in Supa Mega, Nyaba just giggled and didn't give a definitive answer. 

Now, it seems Nyaba is ready to come clean and clearly something sparked her to start posting receipts to prove that something was going on between her and AKA. 

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday night, the slay queen started off by posting a picture of a red siren stating she was "gonna start posting receipts". And the tea she was serving was piping hot. 

In one picture, Nyaba is seen with a blanket on a couch with AKA's gold-certified placards in the back and tweeps were quick to put two and two together digging up a picture of AKA at the same spot which seems to prove that it is AKA's house.


The second one was a video where she is wearing one of Supa Mega's T-Shirts dated at 20 May 2018 and said she sent them all back. 

    Video: Nicole Nyaba's Instagram Stories

Since there's nothing Twitter loves more than and messy situation tweeps were quick weighed in on the receipts Nyaba posted.